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Stump tabs and pins

Manufacturing and cementing of the coke insert (zirconium-ceramic)

4800 UAH

Manufacture and cementing of cast casting insert (steel)

1150 UAH


Solid crown

1450 UAH

Temporary crowns

Temporary crown on Korea implant on the abutment of Multi-Unit system

2150 UAH

Temporary plastic crown (laboratory)

720 UAH

Temporary plastic crown (Clinic).

480 UAH


Metal-free crown (ceramic insert Inlay \\\\ Onlay) \"EMAX\"

4800 UAH

Temporary crowns

Temporary crown by laboratory milling

1200 UAH


A non-metal crown (ceramic Inlay / Onlay tab) \"EMAX\" for the deposition of ceramics

6950 UAH

A non-metal crown on the carcass of zirconium oxide by milling

5750 UAH

Veneers (non-metal ceramics, highly aesthetic) with partial preparation.

7800 UAH

Metal-ceramic crown or facet (synthetic) (manufacturer - Germany)

3000 UAH

Metal ceramic crown with shoulder mass (synthetic) (manufacturer - Germany)

3250 UAH

Keramika for vygotozhennya odinchnyh clear on the crown

350 UAH

Removable prosthetics

Arc (clasp) prosthesis with supporting-retaining clamps

8500 UAH

Stump tabs and pins

Fabrication and cementing of a molded insert with ceramic stamping

2150 UAH

Removable prosthetics

Imediat-prosthesis (teeth 1-2)

2500 UAH

Imediat-nylon prosthesis

3250 UAH

Arc (clasp) prosthesis with locking fasteners 2 attachments

10200 UAH

Full dentures from acrylic plastic

7200 UAH

Partial dentures with cast metal base and the supporting cast-containing Klammer (tire-prosthesis)

8400 UAH


Removing a print from one jaw: A-silicone weight

480 UAH

Removing a print from one jaw, C-weight silicone

350 UAH

Removing a print from one jaw: weight alginate

250 UAH

Removal, repair and fixation of old structures

Repair of metal-ceramic, metal-plated crowns with chips, cracks in ceramic facing (1 tooth) (without warranty)

1080 UAH

Fixing the crown: the CH

250 UAH


Individual spoon

430 UAH

Recovery 1st missing tooth (without dissection nearby teeth) using fiberglass yarns from fotopopolimerom

2880 UAH

Tab (crown) with orthopedic composite

3600 UAH

Wax simulations 1 tooth milling (ST)

220 UAH

Fixing skayza

390 UAH


Wax modeling one tooth (immediately)

440 UAH

Repair of the prosthesis - Welding tooth (immediately)

1080 UAH

Full dentures from acrylic plastic set (urgently)

8400 UAH

Imediat-prosthesis (teeth 1-2) (urgently)

6000 UAH

Production and cementation of cast steel tab (urgently)

1450 UAH

Metal-ceramic crown with shoulder mass (urgently)

4200 UAH

Whole-crown (urgent)

2400 UAH

Metal-ceramic crowns (urgently)

4200 UAH

Total works

Ceramics, composite frame of frezerovkoyu REEK (TWINY, Japan) 1 Tooth

5400 UAH

Ceramics, composite frame on a metal frame (TWINY, Japan) 1 Tooth

3900 UAH

Preseceramik on the hull with REEK milling

9600 UAH