What should I know about tonsillitis?

For several decades, we pay close attention tonsils (n. Glands). – so often called tonsils. It was as explain their frequent catarrhal diseases.

Why tonsils?

Tonsils – one of the most important immune organs. They first met pathogenic mechanisms of the environment and protect our body. In tonsils are specific gap – the gaps – a trap for bacteria and viruses, as well as a kind of “testing ground” where the immune system learns to fight germs and viruses. Tonsillectomy without good reason can be a blow to the defense forces of the body.

What is chronic tonsillitis?

Chronic tonsillitis – a common disease of the body as chronic inflammation localized in the tonsils. When reducing the overall immune system or entering the body of a powerful infection (eg, sore throat) in the gaps accumulated large quantities of waste, consisting of dead bacteria, white blood cells, cells (called plugs). Blocked manure tonsils stop working as an immune organ, and the pus gaps thrive and breed disease-causing microbes. Chronic tonsillitis manifested by general weakness, slight fever (37 – 37,3 ° C), appearance of bad breath, swollen lymph nodes, decreased immunity and as a result, frequent angina (two or more times per year).

What is the danger of tonsillitis?

Most worryingly of chronic tonsillitis is that it can support and contribute to the progression of other diseases, ranging from frequent colds and sinusitis, ending with allergic diseases, rheumatism (dangerous disease that affects the heart and joints) and glomerulonephritis (kidney disease).

Frequent Cold disease in chronic tonsillitis occur for the following reasons:

Tonsils cease to function as an immune organ, immunity decreases, and the smallest provocation (hypothermia, fatigue, stress) leads to disease.
Tonsils containing liquid manure and cheesy plug-pyo, become the focus of infection.
Current approaches to treating chronic tonsillitis

Consider an important role for the human immune tonsils, most doctors treat them carefully and resorting to removal only in extreme cases, after 2-3 courses of unsuccessful conservative therapy.

Treatment of chronic tonsillitis is conducted in the following areas:

Removal of inflammation and pain (local washing procedure conducted gaps, use of anti-inflammatory drugs, mainly in the form of tablets for sucking).
Improving drainage function of the tonsils (tonsils massage).
Strengthening of general and local immunity. For the prevention of exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis great importance is the timely rehabilitation of the mouth, upper respiratory tract and ear, restore nasal breathing, etc. It is appropriate prophylactic course of washing gaps, use of physiotherapy for the common practice (quartz tube, phonophoresis). Appointment of drugs with immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory actions. Recently, widely used natural complex preparations that are designed to eliminate inflammation and pain, and restore damaged tonsils. Holding 1 preventive courses every six months will help keep the tonsils.
5 Tips for sore throat

Avoid spicy foods and hard, firm, juicy and spicy foods injure and damage the overall oropharyngeal mucosa.
Drink plenty of warm fluids, for quick removal of toxins from the body and restore the fluid loss should drink more. Use can warm tea, juice, jelly, milk.
Create an appropriate climate, sore throat hurts extremely dry air. It desiccate the mucosa and weakened local protective mechanisms, which can exacerbate inflammation. Recommended humidity in the room – 40-60%. For its maintenance to do wet cleaning. You can also purchase a humidifier or at least put in a room with a bowl of water.
Rinse your throat, mechanical removal of pathogens and products of their metabolism with oropharyngeal mucosa can use old proven tool – rinsing. Gargle need every 2-3 hours. To do this, use either warm water or various solutions and teas.
Eliminate inflammation, infection and pain, in a home medicine cabinet should be special agents – sprays, lozenges, lozenges and pills for resorption. If within 2-3 days of self-treatment throat condition has not improved, you should immediately consult a doctor!
Interesting to know

When angina is very useful pumpkin. Substances contained in the pumpkin, relieve pain and reduce inflammation of the throat. For this pumpkin baked, cooked him porridge or juice.
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